Repotting Services

Repotting Services

Boutique Plant Store in Toronto, ON

We would love to repot your houseplants, big or small! Here’s how it works:

  • We can repot any plant, whether or not it was purchased at Urban Gardener.
  • When bringing your plants to the shop for repotting, please shield them from the elements when it’s cold outside. Tropical and desert plants can easily be protected by a plastic bag or cardboard box to prevent damage.
  • Before repotting, we will give you a quote and process payment. Price of repotting will vary depending on the size and level of difficulty. You can ballpark $5 - $15 per plant, plus the cost of soil, nursery pot, stake, and other materials.
  • Schedule your repotting appointment below!
  • Please note that we can repot a maximum of 6 plants per appointment. If you need to have more than 6 plants repotted, please book two consecutive appointments or email us to make arrangements.
  • Repotting takes some time to do right! If we’re busy in the shop, you may need to leave your plant with us for a few hours along with your contact info and we will get in touch when it’s ready for pick-up. Delivery is available to ensure your plant gets home safely. Please email or DM us for delivery rates.
  • Not sure if your plant needs to be repotted? Just ask! We can save you an unnecessary trip to the shop if you chat with us first. Email us or DM us and send photos for an assessment.

Repotting Fees: $5 to $15 per plant depending on size and difficulty (we're looking at you, cacti!)

Staking Fees: $10 per plant

Splitting Fees: $10 per plant

Pest Treatment: $10 per plant

Extras: We charge for grow pots and soil.

Disclaimer: At Urban Gardener we are all experienced plant folks and will give you detailed aftercare instructions where applicable, but we cannot guarantee the success of a repotted plant, especially when it involves dividing a plant. Remember, we’re just as happy to walk you through how to repot your plant at home, and provide you with the necessary materials!

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