Makers Gallery

We are proud to carry items made by many talented makers. Many of our partners make their work right down the road, and all are dedicated to making high-quality work that’s both artful and practical. Stop by the shop to see what we have in stock or DM us on Instagram for more info.


  • Beardbangs-Ceramics

    • Beardbangs

    Now living in Windsor, Ontario, Alicia makes adorable hand illustrated cat mugs and planters with drainage. She is one of our longest residing ceramicists in the shop, as we’ve carried her work since opening in 2015.

  • b.side-projects-Ceramics

    • B.Side Projects

    Laura is a Toronto ceramicist who makes clean designs with a neutral colour palette. Her work mainly fits smaller plants, perfect for a window sill or desk.

  • BettinaWestwood-Ceramics

    • Bettina Westwood

    Bettina creates work in her Junction studio and makes unique shapes with beautiful accent colours. We carry her planters and best-selling ceramic soap dishes.

  • Eikcam-Ceramics

    • Eikcam Ceramics

    Grace Lee makes whimsical, porcelain planters that are lightweight and rather delicate. Her work is hand painted and influenced by the natural world.

  • GolemDesigns-Ceramics

    • Golem Designs

    Vancouver-based Ann Maliatski was one of the first ceramicists we carried at the shop. Her shallow planters and saucers are ideal for succulents, her hanging or wall-mounted loops are made for air plants.

  • Harvest-and-Hand-Ceramics

    • Harvest and Hand

    Shelby Philips is a California-based ceramicist working from her home studio. Her pieces are organically shaped, focusing on imperfect forms that play off the natural shapes of their plant pairings.

  • Jae-Polgar-Ceramics

    • Jae Polgar

    Jae Polgar is an artist and illustrator from Calgary. She is a self-taught ceramicist who often incorporates graphic elements in her work. Her popular planters are both eye-catching and well composed.

  • JulieRichard-Ceramics

    • Julie Richard

    Julie Richard is a Montreal-based ceramicist who hand paints all of her delightful pieces. Caravans, submarines, ice cream trucks and vintage TVs are all given such attention to detail that it’s hard not to fall in love with each unique piece. Perfect companions for tiny succulents or air plants.

  • Mima-Ceramics

    • Mima Ceramics

    Michelle Organ hails from Toronto and is known for tactile and hand-drawn graphics on her ceramic wares. Her pieces are functional, well-made and coveted by many. We always look forward to her earthy creations.

  • Nightshift-Ceramics

    • Nightshift Ceramics

    Hamilton-based Robyn Molnar’s work is a customer favourite due to her unique colour combinations and fun designs. Her hand-painted works are sure to brighten any space.

  • Vicky-Makes-Things-Ceramics

    • Vicky Makes Things

    Vicky Pratt is well-known for her paintsplattered and modern-patterned planters and vases. Based in Toronto’s Junction neighbbourhood, her work is beloved among handmade ceramic collectors. We love her bold choices in colour!

  • CapraDesigns-Planters

    • Capra Designs

    Husband and wife duo, Bianca Lambert and Thomas Wilson began creating planters out of a desire for play and art making. Their small business has since blossomed into a full-time operation and they sell homewares worldwide. We especially love their perfect resin hanging planters, ideal for 8” hanging baskets.


  • HomebodyCollective Macrame.png

    • Homebody Collective

    Cassandra lives and works in Toronto, creating both simple and intricate macramé hangers in neutral colours. She often uses copper and brass as decorative elements in her work, combined with cotton rope sourced from Ontario.

  • UrbanJungleDesign-Macrame

    • Urban Jungle Design

    Taylor is known for her modern colour palette of neutrals, mustard, green, and dusty rose made with soft, cotton rope. She has also hosted many macramé workshops in the city, generously teaching her craft to keen pupils.

  • TheVintageLoop-Macrame

    • The Vintage Loop

    Laura is the first macramé maker we carried at the shop. She creates vibrantly colourful, macrame hangers with thin nylon blends as well as chunkier ropes with single, double or triple hangers.

  • KellyBuiltPlantStands

    • Kelly Built

    Jake Kelly is a Calgary-based artisan who specializes in wooden plant stands and propagation stations. He makes custom plant stands to fit many sizes of pots we carry at the shop from 6-14” planters.


  • Aide-BodyCareSoaps

    • Aide Body Care

    Our very first soap vendor at the shop, Michelle Treen makes soaps that are 100% natural and vegan. Her soaps are fragrant and long lasting, with a nice lather. Michelle hosts soap making workshops at her shop in Oshawa where she features a number of other makers.

  • Nana+Livy-Soaps

    • Nana+Livy

    Amelia started her craft while on parental leave and turned it into a thriving business. Her company is named after her two children and she makes soaps derived from high quality food and herbal ingredients. She is known for her chocolate bar, and cube shaped soaps perfect for kids and adults alike, who want some good, clean fun.

  • Skipping-Stone-Soap

    • Skipping Stone

    Masa Chiba creates soaps inspired by neighbourhoods in Toronto, and nature. Choose from their line of products which include organic fragrance-free soaps, and soaps that are lightly scented with essential oils. Try their amazing shampoo bars, too!


  • Campy-Candles

    • Campy Home

    Campy Home is a fun loving and fragrant brand of soy candles. Choose from many scents with name like ‘Smells Like a Great Conversation,’ or ‘Smells Like A Fresh Start.’ They’re a customer favourite! Made in Ottawa, Michelle handpours, packages, and creates custom scents.

  • Homecoming-Candles

    • Homecoming

    Founded by Suraiya Nanji, Homecoming candles and home mists are beautifully packaged go-to gifts for many of our loyal shoppers. Scented with essential oils, they are long-lasting and have zinc and lead free wicks!

  • Nautana-Candles

    • Nautana

    Nautana is a Toronto-based, Black-owned company founded by Nautica and Tianna. They create soy candles which last up to 70 hours and aim to promote self-care and wellness as a regular practice. Their scents are fresh, floral, and sweet.


  • Frog-And-Toad-Press-Patch

    • Frog and Toad

    Frog and Toad is a collective of artists from Rhode Island. Their hand-drawn and hand-lettered designs include cards, patches, pins and stickers that are cheeky and cute.

  • Stay-Home-Club-Socks

    • Stay Home Club

    SHC is a Montreal-based lifestyle brand that works with artists and illustrators to create limited product runs that include cards, prints, socks, totes, and apparel. Their designs boast a dark sense of humour and we have a lot of fun choosing our favourites to carry in the shop.

  • Without-Pretend-Print

    • Without Pretend

    Without Pretend is a Toronto-based publishing company that focuses on sharing the voices of creative women and non-binary folks. We carry their print “Feelings Can Be Art” as well as their written anthologies, pins, and tote bags.