Plant Care Services

Plant Care Services

We offer repotting, staking, and pest treatment services! Book an appointment in-store 7 days a week OR hire us to come to you anywhere within the GTA. Scroll below to learn more about our services and find the option that works best for your needs.

  • Repotting services AT 1640 DUPONT ST.

    Repotting services AT 1640 DUPONT ST.

    Book an appointment to bring your plants into the shop and we’ll take care of your repotting projects. Click here to learn more about service fees, material costs, and how to know if your plant is ready to be repotted.

  • Plant Care & Repotting AT HOME

    Book us to visit your home, office, or commercial space (Toronto and the GTA) to help with plant care and repotting projects. This service is for houseplants only (not outdoor gardening or landscaping). Click here to learn more about how this service works, associated fees, and how to book an appointment.

    Plant Care & Repotting AT HOME

  • Book a Plant Consultation

    Book a Plant Consultation

    Moving to a new space? Considering how to add greenery to your home, office, or commercial space? If you’d like to add multiple houseplants to your home or work space, our on-site plant consultation services might be right for you. Click here to learn more.

Disclaimer: At Urban Gardener we are all experienced plant folks and will give you detailed aftercare instructions where applicable, but we cannot guarantee the success of a repotted plant, especially when it involves dividing a plant. Remember, we’re just as happy to walk you through how to repot your plant on your own, and provide you with the necessary materials. We provide plant care advice for free, during business hours in-store, via Instagram DM and e-mail. Send us photos of the plants in question so we can serve you better.

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