House Plants Toronto

“Where do I even begin? When I first started my plant family I had two plants purely from clippings, today I have 47 beautiful and healthy plants — the majority from the amazing team at Urban Gardener.

To say it’s my happy place is an understatement. Not only do I learn so much each and every time I step in the shop, but visiting gives me the chance to connect with the team and a community of plant-loving individuals who enjoy the practice of home plant care. UG is my top recommended plant store for anyone looking to add some greenery into their lives — not only because of their amazing selection and care of plants in store (meaning that the plant you take home is as healthy as can be) but also because of the laughs, smiles, and moments I’ve had in store, and the memories I’ve created with my friends and family outside of the store through the plants I gift them. All of that and more makes this place a true Toronto GEM!”
— Aram Eginliyan

Houseplants Toronto

“Urban Gardener is easily my favourite one stop shop for indoor plants. Not only do they have a large selection, but their prices are fair and not inflated based on trend, which I genuinely appreciate. I know I’m getting good quality grown plants that are healthy! I also love that they have so many plant accessories and pots from local artists and creators, and that they take the time to buy wisely and support the community. If, on the rare occasion, they don’t have what I’m looking for, they always go as far as seeing what’s available and see if it’s available to order.

Aside from all of that, the customer service is genuine. They truly care about helping you to achieve you plant goals, whatever they may be. Whether that’s spending time educating you on specific types of plants, care instructions, or simply taking the time to understand what it is you're looking for/need. The service here is not transactional, it feels more like I have my own team of plant consultants :) I can’t say enough great things about UG. Keep up the great work, the community loves you!”
—Carter Reid

We’re visited by customers from Toronto, St. Catherines, Hamilton, Kitchener, Oakville, Mississauga, Barrie and Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

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