Fiddle leaf fig: Ficus lyrata

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Originates: western Africa

Not pet-safe

This beautiful tree will surely make a statement in your home. However sometimes that statement will be that your house is too dry. These trees have been the darling of houseplant trends in recent years despite their fussy behavior. They are quick to drop leaves in protest if their demands are not being met. But it can be a very rewarding plant if you can tick off all its boxes.

They need bright-indirect light and water when the top 2" of soil are dry. They love humidity so keep it away from heat vents, AC returns, and cold drafts which strip away humidity. Wipe off the large leaves with a damp soft cloth to keep them glossy.

From time to time you will need to prune them to control their shape and size. The cuttings can be water-propagated and transferred to soil when they have 2" of roots.

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