Snake plant: Formerly Sansevieria but recently reclassified as Dracaena

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Image by Lauren Kolyn

Originates: Western Africa

Not pet-safe.

Reliable and low-maintenance, it is the ideal starter plant. It will thrive in medium to low light settings and only needs water once a month. This means they can go in a corner where other plants would not be able to survive.

Snake plants come in a variety of colours from yellows, mint greens, coppers, greys, to a green so dark it's almost black! Some grow to chest-height while other dwarf varieties that stay very compact.

Snake plants form colonies by sending up new plants from their tuberous roots. The growth of these roots can force pots to warp or even split. When this happens you can either pot up the whole shebang into a larger pot, or split the plant into several plants.

You will find snake plants in the NASA Clean Air Study as they can help to clean indoor air. They release oxygen at nighttime and so make a great bedroom plant.

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