• Soils


    Here's the dirt on soil. Different plants have different needs, so we carry a great variety of soils to suit every house plant. How and when to use: 5 litre bags to have on hand for repotting projects. Why we love them: We love Promix soils because they have been inoculated with healthy mycorrhizae which form a relationship with the plants to help them uptake nutrients. It's a bit like us taking a probiotic for healthy gut bacteria. So, if you see a little bit of yellow fuzz when you open the bag, it’s just a little bit of nature working it’s…

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  • Amendments


    Various minerals that are added to soil to help it function better. How and when to use: Amendments are best added while repotting and can be mixed directly into your soil. As an example, if you need your soil to drain faster you would add perlite. Why we love them: Amendments are a great way to enhance the soil and customize it to better suit your plant's specific needs. Products we carry: Perlite, Leca, Vermiculite, Activated Charcoal

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  • Organic Fertilizers

    Organic Fertilizers

    In nature soil nutrients are constantly being refreshed through environmental processes. In our homes our plant pots have more of a closed system. This means you will need to add fertilizer to replenish the nutrients as the plant uses them up. How and when to use: Some are foliar sprays and some go into the soil, so there are great options no matter your preference and skill level. Why we love them: We have a great selection of organic Fertilizers that are gentle enough to use year round. These organic fertilizers are safe for people, pets, and pollinators. Products we carry: Bios Nutrients, Bios…

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  • Easy Store Fertilizers

    Easy Store Fertilizers

    These fertilizers are tried, tested, and true! Get some bang for your bucks. How and when to use: Follow the instructions to dilute the amount specified into your watering can. Synthetic fertilizers are best used only during the plant's active growing season. Why we love them: A little goes a long way. When you buy a box you'll be able to keep it for a few years until it's all used up. Products we carry: Schultz plant food, Schultz cactus food, Instant Plant Food

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  • Pest Prevention Products

    Pest Prevention Products

    We view plant care as self-care. The act of taking care of our plants is a great way to make time for yourself. Why not incorporate some of these great boosters to your plant care routine. And as a benefit, these particular products offer some lasting protection against plant pests. How and when to use: These products can be used weekly to clean dust off of leaves (which helps your plant photosynthesize more easily). They are formulated to leave some lasting chemical prevention on the leaves to deter pests. Why we love them: These products do double duty! Products we carry: Noire girls, Bios…

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  • Pest Treatments

    Pest Treatments

    Pest management is an important part of plant parenthood. If you have plants it is likely that you will experience pests at some point. But don’t set your plants on fire, there are some great products that can help you save your plants! How and when to use: It is not necessary to use insecticides and pest treatments until you encounter pests. Follow the instructions on the package for how to use the product. Why we love them: We encourage plant parents to keep a few of these easy-to-employ pest management products on hand. And to be aware of what pest damage…

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  • Watering Accessories

    Watering Accessories

    Hopefully you already know that plants need water to survive. ;) We have some cute watering cans and misters to match your style. How and when to use: Sure, any ol' juice jug will get the job done. But you have style and deserve a nice watering can! And here's a pro-tip! After you've watered your plants, fill the watering can back up. After 24 hours, the chlorine in tap water will have a chance to evaporate out and the water will be good to use for more sensitive plants like calatheas. Why we love them: Our Elho watering accessories are made…

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