PLANT TALK: Plants for Low Light


Photo by Lauren Kolyn 

We do not all have the glory of a sun-drenched solarium to sip our tea in amongst our thriving, sun-loving plants. Sigh. Not only do we not all have solariums but many of us are working with low light throughout our apartments. Double sigh. However, living in a home that is light-challenged does not mean we must be plant deficient!

We want to give you some solid plant recommendations but first let’s talk about what we mean by low light. When we say low light we are referring to a space with SOME light; think of enough natural light to comfortably read in the area you are placing your plant baby. Low light plants are generally just tolerant of lower light but some light is still necessary for their survival. Do not tempt the providence of the goddess above by placing your plant in full-on darkness. Now, without further ado we give you the stars:

Photo by Lauren Kolyn

ZZ Plant - Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The dependable sort, a true ride or die plant; the ZZ plant will tolerate low light with little fuss. Watering should happen no more than once every three to four weeks, taking care not to saturate the soil which will increase the risk of root rot. It’s low maintenance - we promise.

Photo by Lauren Kolyn

Pothos Neon - Epripremnum aureum 

Of all the Pothos the Pothos Neon is the most tolerant of low light. When placed in areas like this, it is important to let the soil dry out a little more between waterings. Adjustments often need to be made to ensure that your plant is not receiving more water than it needs. Too much of a good thing must be avoided.

Photo by Medicine Hat plant boutique @botanicalsmh

Cast Iron Plant - Aspidistra eliator

This green wonder received its common name from being a tough Victorian era plant because it could handle lower light and drafty areas and still look pretty amazing. It is important to let half the soil dry out between waterings and again, be sure not to over saturate the plant. 

Photo by Lauren Kolyn


Snake Plant - Sansevieria (most species will be happy)

These bullet-proof plants are tolerant of low light though the same adjustment to watering applies as the Pothos and Cast Iron. There may be some changes to the appearance of your plant if the light is quite low. In some cases your Sansevieria will have a few wayward leaves that just will not grow upwards. Be sure that it is not an over-watering issue by checking the soil is dry all the way through before watering. If it is indeed from low light you can add a stake and string to keep everyone upright. 

There are a number of plants that prefer to have medium to low light, but we are providing you with the sturdiest of the group. These are the ones we recommend with confidence that they will live to be enjoyed.

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