• Spring Plant Care: What You Need To Know This Season

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    As the weather gets warmer and the daylight hours stretch a little longer, we’re often told that there are things we need to do this time of year to ensure our plants’ optimal health. Some of it applies but there are still some things to keep in mind when looking at changing up our plant care routine for the spring and summer. Longer days can often translate into plants requiring more frequent watering. But what are the things that do not necessarily apply? Let’s have a look at these long held myths.

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  • Party's Over: Bringing Your Plants Back Indoors From the Summer


    Well, Autumn is officially here. And the cooler temperatures mean that we need to bring any houseplants back indoors that were lucky enough to live outside for the summer. Let's talk about how to do this. 

    What's the proper temperature to bring indoors? A few chilly nights should be fine for most houseplants. But you will want to bring them in before nighttime temperatures dip below 10°C. 

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  • A Refresher: How To Water Your Plants


    Watering our plants is an essential part of plant parenthood. But sometimes we're in over our heads on the right way to for it. When, how much, and how much is too much are the main questions we often hear.

    Well, the answer is the same for all of these questions: it depends. Some plants like to have their soil evenly moist like a wrung-out sponge. Others prefer to dry out a little between waterings. And there are some plants that want water only once a month or a few times a year. We're looking at you, lithops!

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  • Advanced Plant Care: Changing your plant care with the seasonĀ 

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    It’s Spring and everybody including our plants are pumped. The days are longer, the sun is stronger and eventually we will be turning our heating off – wahoo! The change of seasons is the ideal time to assess your plant collection and see how everyone is doing. For a list of some things to consider read on!

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  • PLANT TALK: Plants for Low Light


    We do not all have the glory of a sun-drenched solarium to sip our tea in amongst our thriving, sun-loving plants. Sigh. Not only do we not all have solariums but many of us are working with low light throughout our apartments. Double sigh. However, living in a home that is light-challenged does not mean we must be plant deficient!

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  • STAFF PICK: Dracaena marginata


    I truly love nothing more than the staggered canes of the Dracaena marginata. To me, it’s the classic Mom plant of the 90’s and while some trends from that decade do not stand the test of time, I believe the Dracaena marginata remains elegant as ever.

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  • Advanced Plant Care: Bringing your plants outside for the summer

    Mature dracaena @monsterafever

    Can you bring your indoor plants outside during the summer months? Absolutely! But when creating your outdoor oasis not all plants were created equal. The most important thing to keep in mind when bringing your plants out is that the conditions outside are much more variable than inside. Here are some things to consider along with some plant suggestions.

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