Pesky Pests and how to deal: Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats


Second to Spider mites, we are most often asked about fungus gnats. They are common and incredibly annoying but they are treatable!

How to spot them: Fungus gnats look like small fruit flies. You will see them flying around your plants and crawling on the surface of the soil.

How to be rid of them: Fungus gnats love laying their eggs in wet soil.

  • The best way to get rid of them is first to remove the top three inches of soil, discard it and replace with fresh soil.
  • If your pot has drainage holes use a piece of fabric to cover the holes so the gnats can’t fly in but water can still flow out.
  • Then get some pheromone traps and add them to affected plants.
  • Alternatively, place a carnivorous plant in the area.
  • Lastly, allow your plant to dry out a little more between watering.

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How to prevent them:

  • Don’t over-water your plants.
  • Water from the bottom allowing the plant to soak up water through its drainage holes.
  • Replace the top 2” of soil with sand or fine pebbles. 

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