PLANT TALK: Caring for your indoor palm

Lots of Palms

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Is there any faster way to create a tropical staycation vibe in our homes than by adding a palm? The lush green leaves are alluring and transport us far away from these Canadian winter blues. 

While palms come in a huge variety of species, sizes, and shapes most of them have very similar and particular needs that will have to be met to keep them looking their best. 

Humidity: The number one issue with palms is the brown crispy leaf tips that develop if they are not getting enough humidity. This is especially important through the chillier months when we have our heating or fire places on. Set up a humidifier nearby or commit to misting it daily. Consider placing it in a higher humidity room like a kitchen or a washroom. Avoid placing them in low humidity areas such as by a door, window that opens frequently or near a heat vent, fire place or wood stove. Palms are prone to spider mites, which thrive in dry conditions. So meeting your palm's humidity needs is an act of prevention. To read our blog on treating spider mites click here.

Lighting: Palms want bright, indirect light but some can tolerate medium to lower light conditions. This makes a palm a great home decor plant that can be put in a corner away from a window. As a rule, if you can read a book in that spot for a few hours a day without needing to turn on a light or straining your eyes, that is a good place for your palm!

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Watering: Water when the top inch of soil is dry. In lower light they will need to be watered less frequently than in brighter light, so checking the soil with your finger is the best way to see if it needs water. This will usually be every 5 to 7 days. Remember that watering is not the same as misting and is not a substitute for it.

Winter tip: Once or twice a month put your palm in the shower and spray the plant with room temperature water. This will wash all the dust off it, dislodge any pests there may be and give it a really deep drink.

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