FAQ: How to Successfully Move with Plants

Plants in car

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While the thought of moving apartments is exciting, in reality it is an arduous task that will test the patience of even the most chill of folks. Add to that the stress of moving your precious plant collection and now you’re really dreading the prospect. But with a bit of information and prep, your plants can make a seamless, casualty-free transition from one apartment to the next – we promise. 

Plan ahead: 

  • If you know you will need to water several of your plants close to your moving date try to get that watering in a few days before so they have time to dry out a bit making them lighter and less messy on the day of the move.
  • Collect newspaper for wrapping ceramic pots. Plan to pack them separately from their plants.
  • If there’s a risk of the temperature being below 15 degrees celsius with windchill on the day of the move, play it safe and wrap large plants in plant sleeves or create your own from newspaper, craft paper, plastic garbage bags or drop cloths. 
  • If any of your plants are structurally delicate consider staking them ahead of time for support.
  • Find boxes that are high enough to completely cover your smaller plants to protect them from the elements and from being battered around in the car. Ensure the boxes are strong enough that the bottom won’t fall out. 


On the day of the move: 

  • If you’re able, take your plant load separately in a heated car so you don’t risk having heavy items falling on them in the moving truck. 
  • If they’re going to be transported in the back of the truck, secure taller plants to the side of the vehicle with rope or bungee cords and cover the boxes containing your smaller plants. 
  • Plan your packing so plants are the last item into the vehicle and the first thing out. 

Once you’re in the new digs: 

  • Unbox and unwrap all your plants once the move is done and keep them grouped while you’re moving furniture around and setting up. 
  • Assess the light in your new apartment and place plants accordingly. Likewise, check out humidity levels and consider a humidifier if the space is dry. 
  • Water anybody who needs it and prune away any branches that were damaged in the move. 
  • Keep an eye on light levels throughout the day to adjust plant placement while you're settling in.

And that’s it – welcome to your new home!

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