Advanced Plant Care: Changing your plant care with the season 

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It’s Spring and everybody including our plants are pumped. The days are longer, the sun is stronger and eventually we will be turning our heating off – wahoo! The change of seasons is the ideal time to assess your plant collection and see how everyone is doing. For a list of some things to consider read on!


Now that the sun is stronger and has changed its positioning in the sky, the spot in your east-facing window where you placed your Sparkling Sarah may no longer be ideal. Signs of too much direct sunlight include: drooping, burnt or discoloured leaves. Consider moving plants that don’t like direct sunlight a couple feet back from the window. 

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We now have more hours of sunlight meaning our plants are growing at a faster rate above and below the soil’s surface. Generally speaking, plants need more water in the summer than in the winter. However, we also need to factor in that once the heat turns off in our building it won’t be drying out the air and soil as quickly. Best practice: water by touch instead of on a set schedule as every plant and every space is different. 


As your plants put out new leaves it’s time to fertilize. I like to use worm castings because they’re natural and slow release. While you’re at it, check soil levels in your pots. If your pot has drainage holes you lose a bit of soil every time you water your plants so some of them may need a top-up. 

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General housekeeping

Wipe down dusty leaves with a damp cloth, rotate plants 180 degrees and give them a prune if needed. While you’re at it get a read on the general state of your plants and take note of anything that looks off to you. The best defence against pests is early detection and treatment so keep an eye out for discolouration in the leaves, webbing, a sticky substance on the leaves and actual insects on the plant or in the soil. 

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