Monstera Deliciosa


Originates: Southern Mexico to Central America

Not pet-safe

These beauties will really add a tropical vibe to any space. Their glossy leaves get classic splits and holes (fenestrations) and can reach diameters of over 2 feet! Standard green varieties are available in any plant store, but rarer varieties that have white or yellow variegation will be harder to find and will have a steep price tag.

In the wild, Monsteras are epiphytic vines that grow up trees. With this in mind, consider adding a moss pole or trellis to your planter for it to climb. This will not only encourage it to mature and develop more leaf fenestrations, but will also hem in its large wingspan. Put it in bright-indirect light and water it when the top 2" of soil are dry.

Monsteras propagate easily by stem cuttings. Put into water and move to soil when you see 2" of roots.

Author: Urban Gardener |