ZZ Plant: Zamioculcas zamiifolia


Image by Lauren Kolyn

Originates: Eastern Africa

Not pet-safe

The ZZ plant thrives on neglect. It will do well in any lighting except direct sun. It is probably the houseplant that will tolerate the lowest light of them all. And it is said that if you water it more than you pay your rent it is too much.

The glossy green leaves grow like a ladder up the thick stems. And the roots form potato-like tubers that store water. When it is time to repot you can put the whole plant in a larger pot or split it to make multiple plants.

Be on the look out for other varieties of ZZ plant. The ZZ Zenzi is a dwarf variety. The ZZ raven has black leaves. And there is also a variegated ZZ plant that has yellow and green leaves.

Author: Urban Gardener |